16 Aug 2021
More Airline Operators are Being Targeted by Cybercriminals
According to a recent study conducted by Eurocontrol, the aviation industry has seen an uptick in cy...
15 Jul 2021
What is Spear-Phishing?
Spear-phishing is a malicious e-mail malware attack that aims to access software through a malicious...
15 Jul 2021
Microsoft has released an important rule for passing to Windows 11
Microsoft will allow users to return to Windows 10 if they do not like the new operating system. Thi...
28 Jun 2021
Microsoft has announced a new hacker attack by the Nobelium group
The American corporation Microsoft has announced a new cyber attack by the Nobelium group.
18 Jun 2021
Cyberbullying: What does this term mean?
We have all heard of the term cyberbullying, but few of us know its meaning.
1 Jun 2021
How to Avoid Cyber Threats
Due to the increase of suspicious websites, phishing attacks and hacker attacks in the last decade,...
1 Jun 2021
Dropbox Passwords become free for users
Dropbox has made its password management tool (Dropbox Passwords) available to users using the free...
1 Jun 2021
Viruses that have shocked the Internet, Mydoom
Mydoom (also known as Novarg) is an electronic virus for Microsoft Windows that appeared on January...
22 Feb 2021
Russian Who Hacked LinkedIn Dropbox Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison
A Russian hacker who was found guilty of hacking LinkedIn, Dropbox, and Formspring over eight years...