15 Jun 2020
Viruses that have shocked the Internet, Brain
Maybe Brain was not the most destructive virus, but in 1986 it became the first one , the target of...
11 Jun 2020
What is DIGIFENCE technology ?
There are many security frameworks in IT such as ISO 27001 ISMS, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, CIS C...
9 Jun 2020
Viruses that have shocked the Internet, I LOVE YOU
The I LOVE YOU virus was sent to users in the form of a heart. It was expected that users would take...
3 Jun 2020
The State itself should become transformed into an advanced IT company.
Armenia has always been famous for its “brains”, unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases, we ex...
26 May 2020
Cyber security
Do you use personal data in your business processes
26 May 2020
Online Payment for RAU
The Armenian-Russian University is one ...
9 Apr 2020
The representatives of a number of major international companies have joined..
3 Apr 2020
Online Move Sheet
Are you tired of filling in the blank of movement? DigiFence and Dineuron
30 Mar 2020
To ensure the security of teleworking, DigiFence employs Virtual Private..