• 11 Feb, 2021

Cybercrime is one of the fastest-growing types of transnational crime. The Internet has become almost a vital necessity, providing information and communication around the world.

With two billion users, cyberspace is a perfect place for criminals, as they can remain anonymous and any personal information can be accessed for them. Without considering cybersecurity, we can harm our business in presented ways

  • Economic costs: Theft of intellectual property, corporate information, disruption in trading and the cost of repairing damaged systems
  • Reputational costs: Loss of consumer trust, loss of current and future customers to competitors and poor media coverage
  • Regulatory costs: GDPR and other data breach laws mean that your organization could suffer from regulatory fines or sanctions as a result of cybercrimesOrganizations need to educate staff about how to mitigate cyber threats. This should include regular training and framework it to reduce the risk of data leakage or data integrity breaches