17 May 2023
H3C's Advanced Certified Partner (ACP) in Armenia
We are glad to inform you that the partnership between DigiFence and H3C has been approved and we ar...
14 Nov 2022
New KmsdBot Malware Hijacking Systems for Mining Crypto and Launch DDoS Attacks
A newly discovered evasive malware leverages the Secure Shell (SSH) cryptographic protocol to gain e...
11 Nov 2022
Russian-Canadian National Charged Over Involvement in LockBit Ransomware Attacks
The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) has announced charges against a dual Russian and Canadian natio...
29 Sep 2022
Facebook Shuts Down Covert Political 'Influence Operations' from Russia and China
Meta Platforms on Tuesday disclosed it took steps to dismantle two covert influence operations origi...
5 Sep 2022
Hackers Breach LastPass Developer System to Steal Source Code
Password management service LastPass confirmed a security incident that resulted in the theft of cer...
27 Jun 2022
NSO Confirms Pegasus Spyware Used by at least 5 European Countries
The beleaguered Israeli surveillanceware vendor NSO Group this week admitted to the European Union l...
17 Jun 2022
Cybersecurity Researchers Find Several Google Play Store Apps Stealing Users Data
A group of cybersecurity researchers from Dr. Web claims to have spotted a number of apps on the Goo...
18 Feb 2022
Whatsapp user data is at risk
A vulnerability has been discovered in the WhatsApp messenger, according to the New York Post.
23 Nov 2021
On 20th November, the annual ARMSEC Cybersecurity Conference was held at the American University of...